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Diddy’s Alleged “Sex Slave” Told Police ALL During 2018 Interrogation

Sean “Diddy” Combs’s alleged “slave”, a man named Jonathan Oddi, spoke out about his dealings with the music mogul in a resurfaced 2018 video. Oddi was detained by police due to shooting up a Donald Trump hotel in Miami, Florida. Oddi said quite a few things during the police interview that seem strange‚Ķ at best. It was pretty easy to dismiss the majority of what he said as nonsense and cast him away as mentally ill.

However, with the new allegations against “Puff Daddy,” much of Oddi’s statements about him now make sense. Oddi said that he was a “sex slave” and that he would have sex with Cassie while Puff would watch and orchestrate the events by phone. Oddi also stated that Puff, DJ Khaled, and Rick Ross (who all live in Miami) are gay. He also alleged that Puff would drink and use cocaine.

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Sean Combs’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by Homeland Security Investigations just a few days ago. He is most likely under investigation for sex trafficking after several lawsuits accuse him of engaging in that activity. The most damaging lawsuit came from his former girlfriend, Cassie, who was explicitly mentioned by Jonathan Oddi.


Puff Daddy’s Slave Jonathan Oddi Leaks Everything SFW – YouTube

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