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President Trump Reveals His Stance On Abortion Ahead Of 2024 Election

President Donald Trump has revealed his stance on abortion ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election. In a four-minute-long video uploaded to Truth Social, Trump gave a detailed opinion about abortion and reproductive rights. He stated that leftists have radical views on abortion, including allowing up to and beyond 9-month abortion procedures. Trump gave a more balanced and nuanced view on the subject, saying that he personally thinks that exceptions for sexual assault, incest, and the life of the mother should be baked into abortion laws.

Ultimately, Trump stated that the issue of abortion should be decided by the citizens of each state. This is a far cry from what many people thought Trump would do after appointing three conservative Supreme Court justices who repealed Roe V. Wade. The thought process from many was that Trump would impose strict regulations on abortion from a national level. However, this would defeat the purpose of repealing Roe. The eradication of Roe kicks the question of abortion back to each state to decide, and Trump does not wish to change that.

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