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Carlee Russell Returns Home After Two Days Missing From Hoover, Alabama

Carlee Russell returned home on foot after at least two days to her home near Hoover, Alabama. She was reported missing after calling police about a toddler walking alone on the side of the interstate at night. She called her sister that same night, immediately after calling the police. Her family says that communication between Carlee and her sister was cut short after a period of time… but the phone line remained open. Carlee’s sister says she heard her scream, followed by muffled noise that was probably interstate traffic.

Police showed up at the place where Carlee reported the lone child. Her vehicle was still there and so were other belongings. Carlee and the child, however, were not there. Carlee’s parents organized an area-wide search for their daughter, hoping to return her home safely. Their prayers were answered when Carlee returned back home, on foot. However, there are now a ton of questions that have yet to be answered in relation to this entire incident. Some even accuse Carlee of creating an elaborate rouse for various reasons.

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The main question is obviously, where is the toddler? There was no missing person’s report filed for the child. This is most likely due to one of two factors. The first is that the child was never missing because someone used them as bait in order to lure Carlee into a vulnerable position. This is not an uncommon occurrence, unfortunately. The second reason is that Carlee made the story up and there was never a lone child. The problem with that theory is that Carlee called the police and her sister about the child. There is also a traffic video of Carlee pulling over on the side of the road with her hazard lights flashing.


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