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Houston Woman Faces Prison Time In Dubai Over Public Screaming Match

A black American woman from Houston, Texas is facing prison time in Dubai for the crime of screaming in public. Tierra Allen, also known as “The Sassy Trucker” on social media, got into an argument with an employee at a car rental service.

Apparently, Allen got into an accident in Dubai while driving or riding in the vehicle. She wanted to retrieve some items from the car after a certain period of time. The employee allegedly informed her that there would be a fee to do that. This was not the answer that Allen was looking for. The male allegedly became aggressive with her and shouted, so Allen shouted back. This back-and-forth exchange landed her in a Dubai jail with her passport revoked. She is facing prison time for the crime of shouting in public. Such a thing is obviously frowned upon in the ultra-conservative Muslim culture that is present in Dubai and the Middle East in general.

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Activists stateside say that Allen should not be facing jail time for such an action. These people would be correct if what she did took place in the United States. The problem is that the USA is unlike any other country on planet Earth. The freedom that exists here is often taken for granted by lifelong US citizens. And when they travel abroad, they do not understand that other countries simply do not have freedom like the US does.


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