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Charles Barkley And Stephen A Smith Reject Woke Culture With Conditions

Charles Barkley and Stephen A. Smith expressed their collective grievance against liberal policies damaging big cities, such as New York City, on a recent episode of Smith’s podcast. Barkley, a former NBA basketball player and current color commentator, agreed with journalist and TV host Smith about every conservative talking point he mentioned. High crime, open borders, relentless printing and spending, and many other issues were discussed during the podcast.

If Barkley and Smith were not already known as two ardent critics of President Donald Trump, one would think they would vote for him in the 2024 election. And that is the problem. Although Smith and Barkley complain about the very issues that Trump and Trump’s supporters complain about, they refuse to vote for or endorse him. Stephen A. Smith asked Barkley who he is going to vote for in this election in response to all the issues they complained about. Barkley dodged the question. Charles has gone on the record to say that he would punch black Trump supporters in the face if he saw them wearing Donald Trump mugshot t-shirts.

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