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“Cheat By Mail” Is A REAL Threat!

The “cheat by mail” scandal is a serious concern that all Americans should be aware of. Several states across the nation are preparing to hand out absentee ballots to anyone that asks for one. Obviously, this sets the stage for potential voter fraud. It’s easy to steal votes or fraudulently cast them when no identification is required and a layer of visibility is removed from the equation.

Standard practice is to give absentee ballots to those who need them. Like people who are deployed in the military or an actual infirmed and/or sick person. Not to everyone who asks for one. Nor should it be standard practice to send everyone a mail-in ballot even if they do not request them. Mail theft is an issue even when no election is happening. It would shoot through the roof come election time if everyone received a mail-in ballot.

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No More Federal Funding

President Trump has threatened to cease federal funding to states that engage in “cheat-by-mail,” citing the clear security concerns. One of the states Trump mentioned, Michigan, fired back by saying they are not mailing out ballots to everyone (yet). But they are mailing out applications. The question is: what’s on the application? Does it include a section where one must disclose real reasons why they need an absentee ballot?

Virus lockdowns in blue states across the country have set end dates (for the most part.) But an actual end for these states does not appear to be in sight. A date gets set… and then they renege. What started off as a few days to “pause” in March has now become a few months to suffer. The end game could possibly be an “indefinite” lockdown. Or a lockdown that could resume at any time, for any reason. Election day being one.

Critics of the Administrations’ potential actions against states with loose mail-in-ballot restriction cite a lack of evidence pointing to voter fraud. Although there have been several cases of people being caught engaging in ballot stuffing, throwing ballots away, maintaining faulty voting machines, and more.

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Throw The Race Card!

When all else fails, the left always resorts to the “minority” card. Arguments against voter ID largely center around blacks and latinos not being able to procure proper ID. Which is bogus because ID cards are needed for everyday walking life. Welfare programs, jobs, housing, even some things at the local grocery store require ID.

This is all about desperation and control. Desperation because the Democratic Party knows that it cannot defeat Trump without resorting to dirty tactics. The three-year, $40 million dollar investigation yielded a big, fat nothing burger. The Ukraine controversy died off as quickly as it was born. So what else can the left do? Cheat by tampering with the vote with the viewer/listening being none the wiser.

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