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Chicago Judge Strips Mother Of Parental Rights Over Vaccine Refusal

A Cook County, Illinois judge has stripped a Chicago mother of her parental rights over refusing to get the shot. The mother and father appeared before the judge on zoom for a child support hearing. During an unrelated discussion, the judge randomly asked the mother if she has had the shot. The mother replied that she has not due to previous problems with other shots in the past. This prompted the judge to deny the mother the already agreed upon split custody with her 11-year-old son until she becomes fully vaccinated.

The father’s lawyer says they were stunned at the Judge’s decision. However, the lawyer says he supports the judge’s decision because the child has the right to be safe. Both the judge’s decision and the lawyer’s opinion appear to come from a place of emotion without fact. They most likely think that if the mother is vaccinated then she cannot pass the virus to her son if she were to catch it. That is false. CDC director Rochelle Walensky stated that the shot cannot prevent the transmission of the virus. The only claim the CDC makes about the shot is that it reduces symptoms of the virus after a person catches it.

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The custody of children is a very serious matter. There are often long, drawn-out court cases over custody, money, home arrangements, and more. It is safe to say that the split custody decision is probably the result of a court battle. The battle may have been bitter. So, to just eliminate that with the snap of a finger due to personal feelings about the shot is ridiculous and probably highly illegal.

The “pandemic” has revealed a pattern of unlawfulness. Judges, elected officials, non-elected officials, and everyone in between seem to just do things without fear of legal ramifications. It all started with recommendations in the workplace. Those recommendations became mandates. Now, these “recommendations” have become ordinances for everyday walking life even outside of work. Australia has essentially become what China was at the start of the illness by barring people from leaving their homes. Decisions like the one from the Cook County judge are a troublesome tell-tale sign. Freedom may be on its way out the door for good in this country if something isn’t done to stop that from happening.


Cook County judge strips mother of parental rights because she is not vaccinated

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