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Chicago Mayor Sends POLICE To RAID Black Church During Virus Shutdown

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sent police to raid a black church during Sunday service. Three marked squad cars and two unmarked police cars showed up. This happened on the morning of May 24th, 2020. The reason? Apparently, Chicago Cornerstone Baptist Church violated the “virus” lockdown. And Lightfoot simply could not tolerate the church’s disobedience.

Squad cars descended upon the black South Chicago church during service. Armed police hopped out. They banged on the doors of the church that were (luckily) closed and locked. Noise from all of the commotion did, of course, startle churchgoers inside. Nobody was harmed or arrested because the police were not allowed inside the church.

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Red Pill Pastor?

Pastor Lewis told Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio that the church’s doors are always locked during service. This is a safety measure due to the surrounding area’s escalating gun violence. Men of the church are instructed to never open the doors during service. That protocol was not broken when the police showed up.

An unmarked car took pictures of church members as they entered the building. Safety in that neighborhood was already an issue before police showed up on Sunday morning. Now, the safety of church members is even more in question. Will the police return? Will they prevent members from going inside the next time? Maybe so, maybe not. Either way, the intimidation factor must be considered although the raid was ultimately unsuccessful.

Mayor Lightfoot, a Democrat, is the type of person the majority of the black community typically sees as an ally. An advocate. A friend. Not so much in this particular case. She betrayed the trust of people who most likely voted for her at an over 90% rate. This, of course, is not the first time a black Democrat disappointed “fellow” black Americans.

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Churches Are Essential … Sometimes?

This event in South Chicago comes just days after Donald Trump declared all churches as essential. Meaning, the CDC does not recommend church shutdowns to avoid spreading the virus. The CDC cannot be used as a scapegoat anymore. If churches are harassed by police by the order of the mayor or governor, then that is a decision made without Federal Government guidance.

Religious Liberty Still Exists

Religious liberty is written in black and white in the Constitution of the United States of America. Red states are more likely to honor that than blue states, by the numbers. Sure, there are incidents of churchgoer harassment in blue states, but nowhere near as much as a place like Illinois, New York, or California. Bill de Blasio is the poster child of such abuses.

One thing this virus has shown Americans is what rights their particular location values. Drug stores, liquor stores, abortion clinics, you name it, remain open in these places. But churches and small businesses deemed “non-essential” are threatened with forcible shutdown. Hopefully more people stand up like the churchgoers in Chicago did. Or else, all other rights that Americans have fought and died for will be gone in a heartbeat.

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