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Trump Declares Churches ESSENTIAL!

President Trump declared all places of worship including churches, mosques, and synagogues as essential. This declaration updates previous CDC guidelines. The President also made a strong point during his declaration regarding abortion clinics and liquor stores. They are allowed to stay open as essential businesses.

If the aforementioned places are deemed as essential, then why not churches? Trump also threatened states and smaller localities with consequences if they do not allow churches to reopen.

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This news comes as information regarding updated (and previously rejected) CDC guidelines surfaces. The White House rejected said guidelines about two weeks ago due to being too strict. As the President previously stated: “the cure can’t be worse than the virus.”

Safety is of the utmost importance but so is individual liberty. People cannot remain caged in their homes or muzzled like dogs forever. States like Michigan and California with near-indefinite stay-at-home orders must adjust their strategies … or else.

Do Stay-At-Home Orders Make Sense?

Freedom of Religion is still a thing in the United States. The coronavirus has not abolished the US Constitution. It clearly states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Since the stay-at-home orders are not necessarily for emergency health control or anything of the sort, then they are arbitrary and draconian. Even Dr. Doom Anthony Fauci says that stay-at-home orders are not the solution long term.

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If stay-at-home orders are unnecessary, then there is no reason to shutter churches. The heavy-handed nature of ticketing church-goers participating in drive-through services must end.

Emperor-style mayors like Bill deBlasio cannot shut down Jewish worshippers at a synagogue or funeral as he has done on at least two different occasions. Hopefully the priest with the squirt gun filled with holy water can put it back in the holster.

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