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Chicago Mother Tells 14-Year-Old Son To Shoot Attacker, Witness

A 35-year-old woman is in jail on $3 million bail after instructing her 14-year-old son to shoot a man inside a Chicago restaurant. Carlishia Hood and 32-year-old Jeremy Brown got into an argument while they were both inside the restaurant picking up food. During the back-and-forth exchange, Hood is texting her son who was waiting outside in her car. Security camera footage shows the moment when her son appears in the doorway with his hands in his hoodie pocket. The argument between Hood and Brown escalates to the point where Brown strikes her in the face. At this point, the boy fumbles in his hoodie pocket, producing a gun, striking Brown once. This could be considered self-defense… but it is clearly not due to myriad reasons.

The argument, fight, and shooting could have easily been avoided. The man told the woman to stop speaking and get her food. If she did that, chances are that the fight would not have escalated beyond a few mean words. The most likely reason that Hood refused to stop speaking is that she knew her son was in the car with a gun. This is why she texted him during the argument instead of simply refusing to engage. So, of course, as she continues to engage, a fight happens and her son shoots the man. The mother instructs the son to shoot the man after the threat was over outside of the restaurant. She also instructed him to shoot a witness, the victim’s girlfriend. The boy refused and the mother tried to take the gun from the boy to kill the witness.

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None of this is equivalent to self-defense. This is a ridiculous, violent mother who used her son to do her dirty work. Hood has a concealed carry permit but, for some reason, did not have a gun on her. But she knew her son had a gun. She simply used him to do her dirty work then tried to clean up the mess afterward.


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Anthony Brian Logan (ABL) 🇺🇸 on Twitter: “This is not self-defense at all. The mother used her son as a crash test dummy. A human weapon. Ever so typical in the black community. She needs to go to prison forever. I feel sympathy for that boy who never had a chance.” / Twitter

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