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Russia Experiencing A Military Coup, Possibly Powered By NATO

The Russian Federation is currently experiencing what can only be described as an armed insurrection. The Wagner Group, a mercenary organization, is behind the insurrection which is also being labeled as a coup. Yevgeny Prigozhin, a 20-year-long friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is behind the “rebellion” as Wagner calls it. Prigozhin says Russian military leaders are not handling the war in Ukraine properly. The Wagner leader accused the Russian military of attacking installations in Ukraine that contained Wagner fighters.

Earlier in the year, Prigozhin made a video complaining about the lack of Russian support in Bakhmut. He said that military leaders refused to supply them with munitions to secure victory due to jealousy and envy. This video sparked concern in the Russian Federation. Many Russian Defense leaders wanted Prigozhin out at that point… but it did not happen. Now, Prigozhin is on the march to remove those who wanted him out.

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Vladimir Putin released a video condemning the insurrection, calling for the arrest of anyone who is involved. It is not clear how this conflict will be waged. If there will be negotiations or if there will be outright warfare.


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