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China Denies Sun Bear Viral Video Shows Human In Costume

China denies that a viral video of a sun bear at a zoo in Hangzhou is of a human being in a costume. In the video, the bear is standing on its hind legs and appears to be motioning to onlookers with its “hands.” Social media users are currently having a heated debate on the legitimacy of the bear in question. If a person has never seen a sun bear before, this would most certainly look very human in nature.

Suspicion of China doing such a thing is warranted. There are a lot of fake things throughout PRC, including food and social media stars. That does not necessarily mean that everything in the nation is fake. These bears, although very strange in appearance, are real. Other videos from different parts of the world show the same bears behaving in the same fashion.

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philip lewis on Twitter: “A zoo in eastern China is denying suggestions some of its bears might be humans in costumes” / X

Oli London on Twitter: “A Chinese Zoo has attempted to convince visitors that this is a real bear. After this video went viral in China the zoo stated this was in fact a real sun bear. Real bear? Or man in costume? 🐻” / X

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