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Modern Versions Of “Snow White” And “Willy Wonka” Seek To Replace Little People With Average People

Modern incarnations of the Snow White and Willy Wonka movies are attempting to replace little people as cast members. Hollywood appears to be going “woke” by employing actors of all shapes, sizes, genders, and races in roles that were traditionally cast with little people. An example is the dwarves from “Snow White And The Seven Dwarves.” Live-action versions of this film and/or series always featured little people as dwarves.

Pictures from the Snow White cast showed the dwarves portrayed by one little person and six average-sized people. This sparked immediate outrage from enthusiasts of the series and from little people. Disney responded to the outrage by saying that the pictures were “fake” and/or misleading. In reality, these pictures were of stand-ins after production. Obviously, stand-ins are always cast to resemble their on-air counterparts. So, although the pictures were not of the actual cast members, they were not very far off. Disney also released a statement verifying the “diverse” casting of “dwarves.”

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Warner Brothers has done a similar their with their modern version of “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.” The “oompa loompas” from the story were little people and were always cast as such in live-action versions of the film. The trailer, however, has Hugh Grant shown as an oompa loompa. Hugh Grant is 62 years old and 5’10”. Well-known actor “Wee-Man”, who is a little person, spoke to TMZ about Willy Wonka and Snow White. He said that this could be related to the SAG-AFTRA strike and how Hollywood may begin using artificial intelligence and other technology to simply replace actors, starting with little people.


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