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Devon Archer Flips Says Hunter Sold Illusion Of Access To Joe Biden

A former business associate of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, says Hunter sold the illusion of access to his father to secure business deals. Archer explained the details of Hunter’s “scheme” to the House Oversight Committee on Monday. The basic idea here is that Hunter Biden would travel the world and meet powerful people in corrupt nations. At a certain point during these “meetings,” Hunter would phone his father and place him on speakerphone. This connection was the entire purpose of these meetings with Hunter and not the former (or current) drug-addicted son. This type of arrangement is most likely the way that the Burisma Holdings deal came about.

Hunter Biden made upwards of $50,000 per month to sit on the board of the Ukrainian gas company while having no prior experience in energy at all. He was also freshly discharged from the military for his drug use. Joe Biden famously spoke before the Council on Foreign Relations and bragged about pressuring Ukraine to fire a prosecutor for “corruption.” This same prosecutor just so happened to be investigating Burisma Holdings. This story of Hunter setting up deals by providing access (or the illusion of it) to his father and DC as a whole is allegedly repeated several times throughout the world.

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Jesse Watters on Twitter: “The Biden Family was selling access to Joe. The phone call- even if it was weather related- was the access. The Chinese and the Ukrainians got what they wanted out of Biden. Biden always delivered on the back end. #FoxNews” / X

Citizen Free Press on Twitter: “Jonathan Turley activated: “If this is true, then Biden has lied. He lied during the presidential debate, he’s lied for years, and he’s had staff at the White House lie.”” / X

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