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Chinese Media Threatens To Kill Nancy Pelosi If She Visits Taiwan

China’s state-run media threatened Nancy Pelosi on Twitter over her rumored upcoming visit to Taiwan. The visit has not been formally announced but there are official sources saying that the Speaker of the House will visit the Asian nation among other nations. Photos have already surfaced from her visit to Singapore. Visits to other Asian nations including South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia have been announced. Taiwan is a controversial nation to visit because China claims it as its own and does not recognize its sovereignty. China says a visit from Nancy Pelosi featuring US fighter jets could be tantamount to an invasion. The “One-China” policy that the CCP is hellbent on enforcing states that Taiwan is part of China and not an independent nation. China thinks that a Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan, complete with US fighter jets for protection, is the equivalent of invading China through Taiwan. The CCP also believes such a visit would signal support for the successionist efforts of Taiwan to become independent of China.


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