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Will Smith Finally Apologizes To Chris Rock For Oscars Slap

Will Smith has finally personally apologized to Chris Rock for the now-infamous Oscars slap from four months ago. Smith previously issued a written statement on his Instagram page in an effort to apologize. Many people dismissed the statement because of its non-personal nature. People wanted Will Smith to apologize to Chris Rock in the same fashion that he slapped him… in person.

Will released a new video on his YouTube page in which he recounts the Oscars incident by way of answering hot-button questions from fans. Close to the beginning of the nearly six-minute clip, Will apologizes directly to Chris Rock. He also apologizes to his former friend and Chris’s brother Tony Rock, Chris’s mother, his own family, and everyone else who was affected by the incident. One of the more pressing fan questions is an obvious one.

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Why didn’t Will Smith apologize to Chris Rock during his acceptance speech? Will says that this moment was pretty much a blur… possibly meaning he didn’t quite know what to say or how he should say it. One thing that Will did not address was his behavior at the afterparty where he twirled the Oscar award around like a color guard team member at a high school pep rally.

He also sidestepped the Jada Pinkett question – which was “did she tell you to do something after Chris’s alopecia joke?”. Will says she did not tell him to do anything but this slice of information is irrelevant. Will was laughing at the joke Chris Rock told about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith until she gave him a “side eye” for laughing. This clearly prompted him to go up on stage and attack Chris Rock by way of a slap.

Will was open to admitting that he is dealing with some psychological issues. This was obvious on the night of the slap. Some say his marriage to Jada is driving him crazy. Others say he has unresolved childhood trauma. Either way, one must commend Will Smith for at least being open to sharing that he has issues and that what he did that night was totally wrong.

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