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My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Newsmax Interview Goes Completely Off The Rails

The CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, had an interview on Newsmax that went completely off the rails. Lindell appeared on the conservative news network to discuss the topic of “cancel culture” as Twitter has recently deleted both his personal account and business account. Twitter’s reasoning behind the deletion is because of Lindell’s viewpoint of voting irregularities in the 2020 Presidential Election. When asked about Twitter’s “canceling”, Lindell began to talk about the specific issues that got him removed from Twitter, which Newsmax actually can’t talk about due to legal issues.

The Newsmax interviewer tried to talk over Mike Lindell to prevent him from speaking about Dominion Systems specifically, because there may be a pending lawsuit from Dominion due to Newsmax’s previous coverage of the 2020 election. The attempt to get Lindell back on track was ultimately unsuccessful and the result was nearly the equivalent to a train wreck live on television. It got so bad that the interviewer got out of his chair and walked away from the camera and off the set. That interview has essentially gone viral on Twitter and is now a top news story nationwide.

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Scores of people immediately attacked Newsmax over the incident because Newsmax is supposed to be the anti-establishment network. Newsmax is supposed to fight for the rights of the little guy and give people like Mike Lindell a voice when big tech oligarchs like Twitter and mainstream media refuse to. But the reality is that this situation is not the fault of Newsmax. Just like any other news outlet, Newsmax is a business and they have bills to pay. One bill they obviously cannot afford to pay is legal fees and/or a cash settlement to a company like Dominion over a defamation lawsuit.

Newsmax invited Lindell back on the air later in the same day after the initial incident to talk about the original subject – Lindell’s cancellation from Twitter and “cancel culture” in general. The Newsmax interviewer, Rob Schmitt, spoke about how good of a relationship they have with one another and Lindell echoed those sentiments. There is even a Newsmax coupon code still active on the MyPillow website to get a discount. Newsmax obviously did not want to damage their brand and Lindell did not want an ally of his to get thrown under the bus because of him. So the appearance was less about speaking on “cancel culture” and more about a public show of unity and strength among conservatives, a thing that is needed now more than ever.


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