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City Leaders Across The Country Plan To DEFUND Their Police Forces!

A radical stance has been taken by politicians all across the United States in the wake of George Floyd. From Minneapolis to Los Angeles to New York City, politicians are finding ways to defund the police. Different strategies to accomplish this goal are forming in different parts of the country.

Minneapolis City Council members vowed to actually “dismantle” their police department and then replace it with a “transformative model of public safety.” Whatever that means.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has spoken bout slashing the budget of LAPD. Garcetti wants to take the new-found money (although they are massively in debt) and re-invest it into “communities of color.” In New York, heavy pressure is on the head of mayor Bill de Blasio to cut NYPD’s massive six billion dollar budget. And judging by his disdain for law enforcement, slashing NYPD’s budget won’t be a bridge too far to cross.

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What Is The Purpose?

The question is… why? Why must the budgets for police be dramatically slashed, sometimes to zero? And what will replace police? These are great questions that come up short as it relates to answers. All plans to throw the police under the bus by firing them or removing funding just seem like knee-jerk reactions to the senseless rioting across the country over George Floyd.

Then, of course, there are politicians with long-time grudges against the police. And gigantic axes to grind. The aforementioned Bill de Blasio is an obvious one. He has been the bane of NYPD’s existence for years. Controversial congressman Ilhan Omar is another one. As are most of “the squad.” Their reasonings are not based in logic, but more in just pushing their twisted visions for the future of the world.

Irony Is A Dish Best Served Steaming Hot

Leftist politicians love to separate themselves from the “other.” Trump supporters, anyone who is accused of prejudice, or any other person they deem as maliciously-minded are the “other.” They label these people as “Nazi” and other pejorative terms that harken back to a very serious time in European history. The irony of it all is that these leftist politicians are the very people they purport the “other” to be.

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If there is no more police, then who will patrol the streets? Random groups of volunteers, who become vigilantes, who will inevitably become more organized? Sounds just like the SS. And the agents of change for all of this to happen? They are known as ANTIFA in the United States but they operate no differently than the brownshirts of the World War 2 era. And then, of course, heavy government regulations as a side effect of big government is National Socialist Germany to the letter.

Dismantling police departments across the nation seems like a great idea to ignorant people. They have no idea the amount of safety in their every day walking lives that they owe to public safety officials. Evil people are all over the world and just waiting for an opening to strike upon an innocent person. Without deterrence, without proacativeness, without all of the things that public safety officials do to protect us, we are lost.


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