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Climate Activists Shut Down NYC Highways During Rush Hour

Climate activists decided to shut down morning rush hour traffic in New York City as a form of protest. At least two climate groups descended upon the Big Apple – Extinction Rebellion and the Sunrise Movement. One piece of camera footage showed three vehicles leading traffic come to a stop all at once. Several people exited the vehicles and then set up a human barricade with signs and t-shirts. The footage of this was beautiful like some media company was tipped off of this plan beforehand or as if there was a large budget from the groups themselves to film the protest. Either way, New Yorkers caught behind the blockade were not very happy about it.

Activists formed human chains with what appear to be black PVC pipes attached to each other’s arms. It is not quite clear how the pipes became affixed, but police arrived on the scene with circular saws to separate the pipes. Several drivers decided to exit their cars and confront the people who were blocking traffic. A few instances got a little “chippy” to put it mildly. New York City is the type of place where a full-on fight could break out over a pedestrian not moving fast enough or coming to a complete stop on a busy sidewalk. Imagine the rage flowing through someone’s body if traffic is intentionally stopped during morning rush hour traffic on the FDR in Manhattan.

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It is probably safe to say that both of these “activist” groups are very well funded. One of the protests was on the FDR and the other on the West Side Highway. Both protests featured people wearing very specific t-shirts, large banners, printed signs, you name it. The cinematography behind the footage already available online appears to be immaculate. If these actions were done as part of a documentary, it wouldn’t be surprising at all. These protests appear coordinated with a big budget behind them. Very reminiscent of BLM (Black Lives Matter) back in 2020. It’s like there is a particular goal to reach that may or may not necessarily line up with the aforementioned organization’s core beliefs. Depending upon the size of the check, these “activist” groups mobilize as if they are protesting, when in fact the true purpose is to fulfill the obligations of whatever contract they signed to get paid.


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