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Dave Chappelle Finally Responds To LGBTQ Outrage Surrounding His Netflix Special “The Closer”

Dave Chappelle has responded to the outrage from his latest Netflix special “The Closer” surrounding jokes he made about the LGBTQ+ community. Much of the noise in the media and elsewhere has been about what Dave Chappelle meant to say. There have been protests, walkouts, and support marches against and in favor of Dave Chappelle. Mainstream media have even reported what Chappelle thinks about meeting with LGBTQ+ members of Netflix and other organizations. Now, instead of playing the guessing game, we finally have word directly from Chappelle himself.

Chappelle has given the world a sneak peek of his upcoming documentary called “Untitled” on Instagram. A lot was revealed in that video that is a little over five minutes long. He addressed rumors of him being asked to speak to the LGBTQ community. Media outlets say he was invited but he refused, Chappelle says that’s false and that he would go… but he’s unsure of what they’d speak about. He stands strong on what he said from the very beginning and he will not fold.

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As the documentary excerpt video goes on, a clearer narrative behind the LGBTQ “outrage” pointed at Dave Chappelle begins to come more in focus. According to Chappelle, this notion of widespread outrage within the LGBTQ community may simply be overblown. The comedian says everyone that he has spoken to from that community loves his work and is not mad at him at all. If that’s the case, then there is an obvious question to tackle. Why is there so much outrage? Chappelle says that this is more about finances and control over what he is allowed to say as a comedian.

Chappelle is having a hard time finding a distribution home for his upcoming documentary. He wants it to be shown in movie theaters. The problem is that investors don’t want to touch it because of all the controversy surrounding the Netflix special. The outrage of a view, very powerful people now becomes weaponized to take away business interests. The people who are attempting to margianlize Chappelle would prefer that he simply drop all the LGBTQ jokes. “The Closer” was not actually offensive to that community. Chappelle gave a heartfelt tribute to his deceased transgender comedian friend Daphne Dorman in that special. Daphne’s family even released a statement supporting Chappelle’s special. It is clear that the majority of normal LGBTQ+ people aren’t upset with Chappelle. This is more about money and control.


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