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Louisiana Fathers Step Up To End School Violence With “Dads On Duty”

A group of dads in Louisiana created an organization called “Dads On Duty” in order to curb violence in a local Shreveport, Louisiana school. The aforementioned school had over 20 arrests for fighting in a very short period of time. The environment was simply unsafe and not truly conducive for learning. There wasn’t much in the arena of solutions for the serious and ongoing problem with violence at the school. So, one man decided to step up and create “Dads On Duty” which now has over 40 members, all fathers.

The violent school in question now has zero reported incidents of violence since September. Many attribute this to the presence of Dads on Duty. Their objective has been to stop the violence and they have accomplished this goal so far. Their methods of securing the school aren’t militaristic or too odd. Just having an adult male presence in the school is enough for many kids to stay on the straight and narrow. The fathers also interact with students in a positive way so there is not necessarily a feeling of dread when the men are seen. Several of the kids say they enjoy the “dad jokes” that the fathers bring with them.

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Many of the children at the school do not have active male role models. The school appears to be majority black and the statistics aren’t a secret. 75% of black children are born to unmarried parents. A lot of these kids do not have active fathers, and sometimes there aren’t even active mothers. Grandmothers, aunts, and sometimes the state itself raise these kids. Children raised in father-absent homes are much more likely to become prisoners, drug addicts, homeless, and the list goes on. They often harbor anger toward their parents for their current status in life. There is also an inability to control emotion when children do not have stable men in their lives. Dads On Duty seeks to fill in that gap and the progress is evident already.


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