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CMT Goes Woke, Censors Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town” Music Video

Country Music Television (CMT) has gone fully woke and removed Jason Aldean’s new music video for the song “Try That In A Small Town.” The song is labeled as something that incites hate and violence due to the video’s imagery. In one particular portion of the video, Aldean stands in front of a building that resembles the U.S. Capitol. Images of riots and other destructive acts are projected onto the building. Aldean’s lyrics speak of carjacking, robbing liquor stores, and other acts of violence. The song condemns such actions and warns that such activities would not be tolerated in a small town.

Critics say that Jason Aldean’s “warning” lyrics are reminiscent of songs about lynching. They also say that his references to small-town communities sticking together and looking out for one another bring up memories of “sundown towns.” Sundown towns are places where black people were expected to leave before sunset, or there would be trouble. Such towns don’t really exist much anymore. And if they do, then it is irresponsible to attach that to what Jason Aldean is talking about. ANTIFA and BLM are the main players in the riots that were depicted in the music video. These groups are majority white. If the suburbs and small towns that Aldean is referencing are majority white, then you have whites against whites. Black people don’t even really factor into the equation.

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