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Local Police Expose The Carlee Russell Story As A Hoax With Evidence

The Carlee Russell abduction story has been essentially exposed as a hoax after a press conference by local law enforcement. Investigators revealed troubling searches from Carlee’s phone that she made before the alleged “abduction” that took place on the side of the road in Hoover, Alabama. Russell searched for the movie “Taken” which was about the abduction of a young female. She also inquired about one-way tickets from Birmingham to Nashville, how to steal money from a cash register without being caught, and the cost/age limit of an Amber Alert. Everything found in the search history on her phone points toward this abduction fiasco as a scam that she crafted in her own mind.

There are now many more questions that have yet to be answered. The obvious issue here is the motive. Why would Carlee stage a kidnapping hoax? She is 25 years old and lives at home with both parents in a nice Birmingham suburb. She and her boyfriend just took a trip to New York City over the July 4th holiday weekend. She does not have any children and is apparently in school working toward a degree and career path. There does not appear to be any financial or political motive afoot. The initial story that she gave is almost as nonsensical as her reasoning or lack thereof behind carrying out the hoax.

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The initial story was that Carlee was driving on the interstate at night when she spotted a white male toddler wearing nothing but a t-shirt and diaper. Police say she drove nearly 600 yards with her hazard lights on before pulling over and coming to a stop, which is the length of six football fields. Nobody else spotted the child although the interstate was full of cars. Carlee’s parents said she was abducted before local police revealed the more likely scenario. When police initially arrived on the scene after Carlee’s emergency call, they found all of her belongings including her phone and vehicle with the keys in the ignition, running. There was no sign of the baby or anyone else.

Carlee’s story about her abduction was that some random white male emerged from the woods and hogtied her. He then forced her into his 18-wheeler and fed her Cheez-its for the two days that she was missing. She says that the man, and possibly someone else, then made her strip and proceeded to take nude pictures of her. None of this story is corroborated. The more likely scenario is that she was tailed by a friend who picked her up after she made the bogus police call. This may have been done to upset her current and/or ex-boyfriend over a cheating allegation. The boyfriend she took the Independence Day trip to NYC with has wiped away any pictures of Carlee from his Instagram page.


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