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“The Sound Of Freedom” Movie Allegedly Sabotaged By Various Theatres Across The Country

“The Sound Of Freedom” movie is reportedly being sabotaged in theatres across the country, according to large numbers of people online. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals reporting odd things happening inside the theatre as they attempt to watch the “controversial” film about child trafficking in Colombia. T

he most common complaint is about air conditioning in theaters simply ceasing operation. A common thread in each video referencing A/C is the fact that it was only a problem in the specific room where The Sound Of Freedom played, and nowhere else in the theatre as a whole. One woman made a scene at the front desk about it and they wound up magically turning the air conditioning back on. Other moviegoers reported problems with the projector working improperly. One person complained about smoke that smelled like an electrical fire emanating from a bad projector bulb.

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Such shenanigans aren’t unexpected with a movie that addresses uncomfortable and often hidden subject matter. The main actor, Jim Caviziel, has been labeled as a Qanon conspiracy theorist by leftist media. The movie itself is also being painted with a wide brush of being akin to conspiracy theorists and tinfoil-hat-wearers. That is an interesting way to judge a movie that is based on true events and endorsed by the actual heroes depicted within.


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