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CNN Anchor Speechless After Guest Reveals Facts About Migrant Crisis

CNN anchor Erica Hill and her co-host were left stunned after CNN legal analyst John Miller dropped a few facts about criminal migrants in New York City. Miller informed the “CNN This Morning” hosts about the ring of migrant thieves who roam around NYC committing countless crimes. They get arrested repeatedly due to the very lax laws in the city and state.

Miller spoke about the criminal aliens who assaulted two police officers in Times Square who were immediately released from custody with no bail. The New York Post says they have probably fled to California by bus. Miller stated that some go back and forth from New York to Florida because they spend their criminal proceeds in the Sunshine State. When asked why the migrants don’t just stay in Florida instead of coming back to New York, Miller replied that Florida actually punishes them for crimes, unlike New York. The two anchors were left totally stunned.

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