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CNN Defends Florida Governor Ron Desantis On Virus Response

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow defended the Republican Florida Governor Ron Desantis while challenging his Democratic opponent, Nikki Fried. Fried is the current Florida Agricultural Commissioner. Her attempt to unseat Desantis is not going off to a good start, at least not on CNN. This probably comes as a shock to Fried due to CNN having a well-known reputation of defending Democratic candidates, especially when they are facing off against a person who has any sort of ties to Donald Trump.

Ron Desantis is doing an excellent job in Florida and that fact is difficult to deny. CNN would probably like nothing more than to attack any conservative, but at a certain point attacks become baseless and the attacker appears as a fool. Poppy Harlow mentioned that Florida has a low virus rate and that seniors were prioritized when it came to vaccinations. There was also no Andrew Cuomo-style policy of placing virus-infected people into nursing homes. Fried appeared frazzled and unprepared when peppered with the accomplishments of Ron Desantis on CNN. Again, the job that Desantis is doing in Florida is next to impossible to deny.

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There may be another reason CNN decided to defend Ron Desantis on-air that has nothing to do with how well he’s doing in Florida. Some progressives and climate activists in Florida do not like Nikki Fried. They see her as sort of a Trojan Horse to the Democratic party in Florida, not the savior of it. Fried is (or was) against a hike in the minimum wage. The left also criticizes her for having a job dealing with the environment (Agriculture) but not pushing the agenda of climate change hard enough. Maybe CNN hears these complaints from fellow leftists and decided to attack her on air to make way for another, more far-left candidate.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Democrats on CNN and in Florida understand that Ron Desantis is doing a great job. Even Nikki Fried herself mentioned that she would serve a full term as Governor, unlike Desantis. This is because she knows, just like everyone else, about the elephant in the room. Ron Desantis is the clear frontrunner to become the next President of the United States in 2024. Especially if Trump does not run again. Her campaign cannot be based on the fact that her opponent is so good that he could become the President while she can’t. This automatically places him above her in terms of performance and electability. If Nikki Fried understands this, surely CNN and everyone else understands the same thing.


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