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CNN Fires Chris Cuomo After Bombshell Revelations

CNN fires Chris Cuomo after multiple bombshell revelations began to reveal themselves and pile up. The first and most obvious issue is with his brother, Andrew. Andrew Cuomo was plagued with multiple women who claimed that he harassed them. The allegations were so bad that it ultimately forced his resignation from office as Governor of New York. Chris attempted to help his brother during this time by using his resources as a CNN reporter to dig up dirt on his brother’s accusers. This may not be illegal but it is most certainly unethical. That’s not where the problems for Chris begin or end.

CNN apparently had no problem keeping Chris Cuomo on through some of his earlier problems. He was caught on videotape violating the virus lockdown in his area and getting into a confrontation with a neighbor. There was also the incident where someone taped him having a heated “discussion” with a man at a bar. Chris Cuomo recently said that his boss, Jeff Zucker, was fully aware of his efforts to help Andrew. None of the aforementioned things were enough to force CNN to give Chris the boot. Ultimately, the final straw for Chris is ironically the same thing that sunk Andrew’s ship.

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A female ABC staffer has accused Chris Cuomo of sexual harassment. Apparently, the two worked together at some point. The specific time this allegation took place is not yet known. The details of the accusation aren’t necessarily important. All that matters here is that it was probably the final straw.

CNN has no more use for Chris Cuomo. Since his brother is no longer the Governor of New York, the political insider he once had is now gone. Multiple cell phone tapes of Chris behaving erratically also weigh against him. Now there is a sexual harassment allegation. All of those things together are apparently enough for CNN to throw the younger Cuomo brother away. Just the same way they threw Michael Avenatti away despite people like Anderson Cooper telling him that he could become the President one day. Leftists use people like Chris Cuomo and Michael Avenatti for as long as they are viable as pawns. The moment that is no longer the case, it’s like they never knew them.


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