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Media Says “Patriot Front” Is A White Extremist Group, But Are They?

A so-called white extremist group called “Patriot Front” marched in Washington DC near the Capitol on Saturday, December 4th, 2021. Mainstream media has already referred to the group as far white and white supremacist in nature. Patriot Front apparently has 41 chapters in the United States. It formed shortly after the Unite The Right rally in 2017 as an offshoot of an already existing group. Much of this information is provided by mainstream news media sources and also groups like the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center). The giant elephant in the room is the question of if this group is legitimate or a honeypot designed to lure ignorant conservative men.

If this group is controlled by the FBI or some other alphabet-letter organization, then it would not be surprising. The “Republican” anti-Trump group called The Lincoln Project recently confessed to staging a false flag to make conservatives look bad. The aforementioned group sent five people dressed similarly to (ironically enough) the guys from the Unite The Right rally to Glenn Youngkin’s tour bus while he was campaigning to become Virginia’s next Governor. Social media networks immediately blew up with allegations that this was a false flag before TLP could jump out in front of it. TLP said the reason for their false flag was to remind people of the 2017 rally.

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Another false-flag incident was the attempted kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer. Well, there isn’t really evidence that the kidnapping was going to ever happen. This is because nearly everyone involved with the plot worked for the FBI in some capacity. They were either an FBI agent or informant. Only one or two out of about 20 people were actually regular civilians without any ties to the Federal Government. The Proud Boys are no different considering their ringleader, Enrique Tarrio, is a well-known FBI informant and has been for years.

None of the information in this article necessarily points to Patriot Front being a fed plot. But the common man would see something like this, especially when midterm elections are nearly upon us, and simply scratch his head. Other hoaxes have looked just like this. Two hundred young, fit white men identifying as white separatists randomly marching in DC with no FBI involvement? Difficult to believe.


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