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CNN Jim Acosta Furious Over Trump’s Lafayette Square Exoneration

Former President Donald Trump has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the Lafayette Square incident involving himself going down to St. John’s church for a “photo op”. The incident was spurred on by an attack on the Church a very short time before an Oval Office address. After the talk, Trump made a trek down to the Church with other members of his administration to send a direct message. And that message is that violating the sanctity of the Church during his time in office would not be tolerated.

Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioters had been in the area rioting for quite a while before one (or both) of the groups set the church on fire. Luckily, the damage was not beyond repair. But that could have easily not been the case. Instead of the mainstream media covering the damage that was done, they instead decided to label the rioters as peaceful protesters. The media then labeled these “peaceful” people as victims who were pepper-sprayed by police so Trump could safely walk through and do the photo op at the church. This narrative spun by the media has been proven as patently false.

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Much of the general public have had enough of the games that the mainstream media plays on a daily basis. Even people who are on the “side” of the media (leftists) are beginning to see how ridiculous the media has become. If the rioters that burned St. Johns were somehow identified as right-wing conservatives, none of the media would defend them at all. Tear gas canisters and whatever other device to remove them would be totally fine in their eyes. This is why the media covered the Capitol riots much differently than any of the 600+ black lives matter (BLM) riots from the past year or so. This situation is just one more example of the media getting a story’s narrative completely wrong. And for some, this story may just be the final straw… the one that breaks the camel’s back.


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