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CNN Leaks 2021 Donald Trump Audio About Classified Documents

CNN has released (or leaked) the now-infamous 2021 audio of Donald Trump speaking about classified documents. In the audio, Trump can be heard speaking about documents relating to Iran that were secret and classified. He said that he could have classified them as President but he couldn’t do it at that moment because he was not the President.

This audio is key evidence in Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump over the classified documents case. Trump mentioned Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. He mentioned a valid point about her email situation being so insecure that Anthony Weiner may have had access to him on a laptop with potentially dirty material. Mainstream media say that Trump is a liar and hypocrite due to a recent Brett Baier interview. During that interview, Trump said that there were no “documents” and that, instead, there were just newspaper clippings.

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Exclusive: CNN obtains the tape of Trump’s 2021 conversation about classified documents | CNN Politics

Trump heard in audio clip describing “highly confidential, secret” documents – CBS News

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