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Democrat State Senator Caught Keying Car With Anti-Biden Bumper Sticker

Rhode Island Democrat Senator Joshua Miller has been arrested for keying a car that featured an anti-Biden bumper sticker. The person driving the vehicle Miller keyed just so happened to be sitting inside when the keying incident happened. He looked out of his window and saw a political Joshua Miller bumper sticker. He then looked the name up and it matched the person he saw keying his vehicle. The man called the police and body camera footage picked up their encounter.

Joshua Miller initially attempted to deny the allegations, despite being caught red-handed. Miller said that the man was probably a “gun nut” who harasses him down at the state house. Surveillance footage from the parking lot showed the State Senator leave a giant scratch on the black vehicle with his keys. Miller was subsequently arrested at his home after he was allowed to leave the scene of the crime. Miller then admitted to keying the vehicle with the excuse of being “dared” to do so.

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Rhode Island state Sen. Joshua Miller charged with keying car with ‘Biden Sucks’ bumper sticker

Police arrest Democratic state senator Joshua Miller for ‘keying car with Biden sucks sticker’  | Daily Mail Online

Democrat state senator arrested after admitting to keying car with ‘Biden sucks’ sticker: police | Fox News

R.I. Sen. Josh Miller accused of keying car with anti-Biden sticker

Fox News on Twitter: “CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Democrat arrested for keying car with anti-Biden sticker. Watch the full exchange with police.” / Twitter

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