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CNN Refer To Carjacking and Murder of Asian Man As An “Accident”

UPDATE: The two teenage girls arrested in this case have reached a plea deal in which they will not face any prison time and they will not be in custody beyond age 21. Please visit the links below for more information.

CNN recently referred to the carjacking murder of an Asian man in Washington DC partly as an “accident”. Mohammad Anwar was a 66-year-old Uber Eats driver who was carjacked after being struck with a taser. Two teenaged girls, both black, aged 13 and 15 respectively, are responsible and have been arrested. “Accident” is simply not the appropriate word to use here.

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After carjacking Mr. Anwar, the girls recklessly drove off with Mr. Anwar still attached to the vehicle. The teenaged girls sped down the street as the open car door hit steel bollards on the side of the road and struck Mr. Anwar. The girls then crashed the vehicle and rolled it on its side, throwing Mr. Anwar to the ground where he laid, face down. He later died of his injuries. All of this was captured on cellphone video.

The National Guard just happened to be in Washington DC at the time, allegedly to protect the Capitol from “right-wing insurrectionists”. The carjacking ended right in front of the Guard and the girls were presumably held there until the police came. The scene was horrific and it was made worse when one of the girls complained about her phone still being inside of the crashed vehicle. Mr. Anwar’s essentially lifeless body was nearly directly beside her.

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The highlight currently shining on the so-called “wave” of Asian hate-crimes has revealed something else that has been happening for a very long time now. While the media and ivory-tower elites may expect a deep-dive into “anti-Asian hate crimes” would reveal some horde of white supremacists, quite the opposite story becomes reality.

Black-on-Asian crime and hostility is the actual problem here, and it is nothing new. This type of general animosity and violence between races, which is primarily one-sided (black-on-Asian not the other way around) is a very old problem. What’s being revealed now that there is a microscope on crimes involving Asian victims are a large number of black perpetrators. And since that is the case, this “Asian hate crime” narrative may fade away from public consciousness due to lack of media attention just as soon as it appeared.


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