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Lil Nas X “Montero” Song Marketing Slammed As “Satanic”

Rapper Lil Nas X of “Old Town Road” fame has come out with a new song and video that can only be described as satanic. The song is called “Montero” and the lyrics may seem harmless to a casual listener, just the same as “Old Town Road.” However, once one digs a little bit deeper into the lyrics, a different story begins to emerge. The marketing of the song, including a very satanic video and Nike Air Max custom satanic shoes casts the LGBTQ+ rapper in an entirely different light.

“Old Town Road” was marketed to children by Lil Nas X’s record label, which makes “Montero” more troubling. Parents are always on the lookout for harmful content to shield their children away from. Well, at least, good parents are. Some parents expose their children to “drag queen story hour” but that’s a different story. Most parents want their children to be exposed to good, wholesome entertainment. So when a rapper that is known for wholesome entertainment goes in an entirely different direction, that places parents in a strange predicament.

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The video for “Montero” is filled with over-the-top sexually graphic and satanic visuals. At one point in the video, Lil Nas X descends what can only be described as a stripper pole into a scene that resembles hell. He then does sort of a striptease dance on a man with the appearance of the devil. Lil Nas X then snaps the “devil’s” head and places the horn head dress the devil had on on top of his own head. The shirtless “Old Town Road” then poses with the horns, sprouts wings, and has a bright yellow glow in his eyes.

Marketing for “Montero” does not end with the gender-bending and satanic-themed video. Lil Nas X partnered with a company that purchased a limited number of Nike Air Max shoes that they customized to go along with the aforementioned video. The shoes are mostly black with red accents, including a clear “bubble” sole that has red liquid in it. Marketing materials say that the liquid is actually human blood. The side heel of the shoe bears the mark of the beast and toward the toe there is a bible verse, Luke 10:18. The tongue of the shoe features a gold-colored pentagram ornament. The box for the shoes has equally satanic graphics, including a painting of tortured souls. Lil Nas X has posed with the shoes to promote them along with his song and video that all have the same similar theme.

The problem with Lil Nas X and his new satanic song/video/merchandise is that his record label has branded him as a kid-friendly rapper. Lil Nas X has performed “Old Town Road” at elementary schools in front of tons of small children. So for that type of person to switch from kid-friendly to x-rated in a blink of an eye will catch some parents totally off guard. If your child’s favorite music artist comes out with a new song, you may feel inclined to let them hear it. But what happens when something explicitly LGBTQ+, satanic, and just overall inappropriate for children comes on? It puts parents on the spot and simply makes things get weird, unnecessarily. And the question is… was this done on purpose or accidentally? At this point, it’s pretty easy to tell.

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