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Coca-Cola Produces $3 Billion Of Pure Cocaine Every Year, Sells It

Coca-Cola produces between 2 and 3 billion dollars of pure cocaine yearly as a by-product of its flavoring process. This results from a sweetheart deal with the US Federal Government through the DEA. A chemical plant in Maywood, New Jersey managed by the Stepan Company is the only company in the United States permitted to import and process coca leaves. The leaves are “de-cocainized” and used as a flavor in the sugary soft drink. The remaining “by-product” is pure cocaine. The cocaine is then sold to a big pharma company called Mallinckrodt (a large opioid producer). That company then produces a numbing agent with the cocaine that is used by dentists.

This interesting deal with the Federal Government that allows Coca-Cola to produce cocaine and sell it is one-of-a-kind. If a regular person without such a license attempted to do such a thing, they would be facing serious federal drug trafficking charges.

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Surely, Coca-Cola could artificially reproduce the flavor of its drink without using coca leaves. But then, they would be losing out on the $3 billion windfall every year. And big pharma would not have their cheaply-produced numbing agent. And the Federal Government would not be able to take their cut in taxes.

All of this information underlines the fact that many things in the United States that are illegal suddenly become legal if a bag of money is introduced. The same thing goes for “illegal” weapons, such as fully automatic handguns and rifles. Possessing an automatic handgun is enough to warrant federal firearm charges and a lengthy prison sentence. Unless a person contacts the feds and pays for a tax stamp. All of a sudden, that highly illegal thing becomes totally fine. Capitalism is a great thing, but when the rights of men are up for sale, then there is a clear boundary that has been crossed.


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