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Internet Reacts To LSU’s Angel Reese Taunting Iowa’s Caitlin Clark During Women’s College BBall Championship

The internet is in an uproar over LSU’s Angel Reese taunting Iowa’s Caitlin Clark during the NCAA Women’s College Basketball Championship game. LSU won the game 102-85. Reese did the John Cena “you can’t see me” hand gesture to Clark as the clock ran down in the final moments of the game. Reese, or “Bayou Barbie” as she is known, also pointed to her ring finger, signaling that they had just won the championship. Many casual observers of the game called these moves classless and unsportsmanlike. The problem is that many people saw this clip without any prior context and just made a snap decision, which is the type of behavior that is unfortunately encouraged on social media.

Caitlin Clark had done the John Cena celebration/taunt in a prior game against Louisville. In that same game, she told another player to “shut up” and that they were down by 15 points. ESPN even produced an entire segment on Clark’s trash-talking. The segment was all positive with Clark’s Iowa teammates glowing about how competitive and firey she is. So, of course, not only will other teams in the NCAA see the ESPN segment, but they will also see and hear Clark’s “firey” nature on the court. It is very common and expected in sports for trash-talkers to get trash-talked whenever they suffer a loss. Social media people and uninformed onlookers largely reacted out of outrage and ignorance.

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