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Jill Biden Wants To Give Women’s BBall Team Iowa A Participation Trophy

Jill Biden invited the losers of the NCAA Women’s College Basketball Tournament, Iowa, to the White House, alongside the winners, LSU. This breaks the tradition that started in the 1860s of sports championship winners getting invited to the White House.

The First Lady’s remarks come on the heels of controversy between the two teams. At the end of the championship game, LSU star player Angel Reese came under fire for taunting Iowa star player Caitlin Clark. Clark exhibited similar behavior throughout the tournament and did not get criticized. ESPN actually did a short segment celebrating Clark’s feistiness.

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Social media blew up as people accused Reese’s critics of racism. They said Reese did the same “you can’t see me” hand gesture popularized by WWE’s John Cena to Clark that Clark did at least once during the tournament. They say the only reason Reese caught flack over that is that she is black and that Clark was praised for her taunting because she is white. Others say that race isn’t the issue, instead, it is the unsportsmanlike conduct that Reese exhibited by going overboard with her taunting. Either way, this issue is divisive and Jill Biden’s historical invite does nothing but fan those flames.


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