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Coca Cola Tells Their Employees To Try To Be Less White

Leaked training materials from a Coca-Cola insider reveal slides of an employee lesson that focuses on the topic of “becoming less white.” The materials are also publicly available on LinkedIn learning under “Confronting Racism” with Robin DiAngelo, the white female author of the controversial anti-white book called “White Fragility.” Coca-Cola confirms that the screenshots of the critical race theory lesson are true, stating that their intention is to build a more “inclusive” workplace.


Confronting Racism, with Robin DiAngelo

WHISTLEBLOWER: Coca-Cola Forces Employees to Complete Online Training Telling Them to “Try to be Less White” (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Coca-Cola accused of telling employees to ‘be LESS WHITE’ in training course by critical race theory peddler DiAngelo — RT USA News

Coca-Cola Confirms Training Employees to ‘Be Less White’ – Becker News

Coca-Cola promotes anti-white rhetoric, invites backlash, World News |

critical race theory | Definition & Facts | Britannica

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