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Columbia Professor Snorts Heroin For Work-Life Balance

Columbia University psychology and neurology professor Carl Hart admits to using hard drugs (including heroin) as part of his work-life balance. The 54-year-old writes about his experiences with drugs in several books and studies. He has appeared in television and on internet shows attempting to debunk the “myth” of gateway drugs like marijuana. Hart is also married with three children. It’s not quite clear what impact Hart’s drug use has on his household. But it does raise a few questions when it comes to his employment at Columbia.

Carl Hart is not only a professor at Columbia, he also heads the psychology department. He is far from the average, run-of-the-mill professor. Hart is a well-known figure outside of the ivy-league Columbia and he has a top position there. So, for a man of Hart’s stature to admit heroin use is something that should make people stand up and take notice — especially students who attend Columbia. Why would any of Carl Hart’s students take him seriously or feel confident in their education knowing that one of their professors is a hardcore drug user?

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There are also questions when it comes to Columbia itself. Heroin is completely illegal to possess and use. So when a professor who is probably tenured admits to using heroin, what is to be done? Drug test? Police investigation? Maybe the shield of Hart’s race prevents any of the above consequences from happening, especially since he is known to wield that shield whenever necessary.


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