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Black Female Democrat Defends Reparations For Illegal Aliens

A black female Democrat from the Instagram page “Black Women Views” took it upon herself to defend the illegal alien reparation scheme from the Biden administration.

The idea is that $450,000 in cash payments will go to each person affected negatively by Donald Trump’s 2018 “zero tolerance” border policy. Under this policy, the controversial “child separation” happened. This meant that adults were temporarily separated from children while they were being processed at the border after trying to cross illegally. The Biden administration has retroactively labeled this policy as inhumane and they are offering to settle lawsuits against the Government from the people affected by mental pain & suffering.

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The woman from “Black Women Views” says that it is improper to label cash payments to illegal aliens from the Federal Government as “reparations”. She says “misinformation agents” refer to the payments as “reparations” to juxtapose them next to the inaction when it comes to reparations from descendants of slavery in the United States. The problem with her logic is that the payments to illegal aliens are the textbook definition of reparations.

A simple google search defines reparations as the following: “the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.” If the zero-tolerance policy is a wrong that has been done, and the money is to provide compensation to those who were “done” wrong, then the payments are in fact reparations. It is not clear if “Black Women Views” is a channel directly sponsored by the Democratic party or some other similarly affiliated group such as Black Lives Matter. Judging by the posts on the page and most certainly by the most recent post, one would assume some sort of Democratic party affiliation.


Illegal Aliens To Get $450K Each In Reparations – Anthony Brian Logan

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