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College Student Tries To Label Ben Shapiro As “Woke” At Iowa State

A young man attempted to label Ben Shapiro as “woke” during a Q&A session at Iowa State University. Apparently, Shapiro had just got done a speech where the topic of “wokeness” came up. There isn’t necessarily a strict definition for that term, other than what conservatives typically say online and/or in news presentation circumstances. Being “woke” usually refers to a leftist who has lofty moral expectations of the general populous based on their political and social beliefs.

A good example of “woke” culture is a person who excuses an armed robber because they are a “person of color” with “inherited trauma” from the experiences of their ancestors. As a matter of fact, the young man in question attempted to use the aforementioned example by switching out “slavery” for the holocaust. Ben Shapiro agreed that there may be some people who have problems due to their family surviving the holocaust. This was enough for the young man to label Ben Shaprio as “woke” and a… strange conversation/debate sprung up from there.

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Ben Shapiro Full Speech + Q&A at Iowa State University – YouTube

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