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Rush Limbaugh Dies And The Liberal Hate Machine Attacks

Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh recently died of advanced-stage lung cancer at age 70. Limbaugh had been battling the illness for quite some time but continued to work as an on-air personality up until the last day or so of his life. Rush was very well respected and extremely popular with an active listener base of 25 million people that he was able to amass over the past 32 years.

Praises for Rush came quickly and deservedly so. President Trump called in to Fox News and spoke about the time they shared together. Surprisingly, Trump did not know Rush personally before 2015 when Trump famously came down the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his run for president. Trump said that Rush knew he would win, and their friendship was solid ever since. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signaled that flags will be lowered to half-staff in honor of Rush. Conservative voices from all over the world have all chimed in to give their respect.

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Media pundits, politicians and regular people on the Left don’t all share the same respect and admiration for Rush that their conservative counterparts have. Some of the ugliest names and insults were instantly thrown in Rush’s direction as soon as he passed away. Rush’s one-time addiction to painkillers was brought up and used as a tool to attack him, although Rush has spoken about that topic at length along with his recovery.

The number one insult toward Rush is, of course, that he was a racist. Rush’s long-time radio partner Bo Snerdly (also known as James Golden) is black and does not view Rush as a racist. The “racist” insult probably comes from Rush’s dedication to conservatism that leftists view as racism.

Some sympathetic conservative critics of Rush will attempt to echo the “racist” talking point against Rush, pointing out random lines he’s said over his three-decade-long radio career. None of them quite pass the smell test for “racism” but that no longer seems to matter. It’s all about attacking a person of a different political affiliation or trying to win favor with the opposing side by attacking one’s own side.

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Rush Limbaugh was one of the best radio talk hosts that has ever done it. Americans should either celebrate his life or continue on with theirs if they disagree with his viewpoints. But social media has, in a way, incentivized hatred – especially coming from the Left to the Right. The result is a mountain of negativity at the most inappropriate time.


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