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Damar Hamlin Makes Triumphant Return To Bills Stadium But There Are Questions

Damar Hamlin made a triumphant return to the Buffalo Bills stadium after suffering cardiac arrest on the field during Monday Night Football on January 3rd. The game, ironically enough, was a playoff match between the Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals. Hamlin suffered the aforementioned catastrophic injury while playing against the Bengals. The circumstances surrounding his return made for an electrifying moment both inside the stadium and for fans watching elsewhere.

Damar Hamlin recovering in the hospital

However, as he arrived in a golf-cart type vehicle with the word “security” emblazoned on top of the windshield, something seemed… off. Damar Hamlin’s face was not shown and he hurriedly exited the shuttle once he got to his destination. Another camera angle showed Hamlin waving to the fans from a press box but, again, his face was not shown. He also wore glasses and a face mask. So, even if a camera angle showed his face, there would not be much to see as much of it was obscured. All of this awkwardness led many people to believe that the person identified as Damar Hamlin was actually someone else.

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