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Gianno Caldwell of Fox News Kicked Out Of Miami Restaurant Over Political Views

Gianno Caldwell of Fox News was kicked out of a Miami restaurant due to his conservative political views. Gianno, who is black, was approached by a person who runs the establishment, who he says was probably white. She told him that she’d been listening to the conversation he was having with his friends (new neighbors in his recently adopted neighborhood). Caldwell was answering questions from his new neighbors about being conservative, his time at Fox News, and also his brother who was recently shot and killed in Chicago.

The co-owner made it crystal clear that she did not appreciate the topics discussed. The person then said that because her political opinions did not align with his, she wanted him to leave. Apparently, she did not ask anyone else that he was with to leave, just him. This could be for a couple of different reasons, or both, or perhaps… none.

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The first reason is that Gianno Caldwell is a black conservative. This combination of race and political ideology is particularly offensive to extremely liberal people. They think black people essentially belong to the left and any sort of deviation from that path is akin to treason. Another reason Caldwell may have been kicked out is that the person already recognized him from television. Maybe she saw some clips of him on the news and formulated a negative opinion. So when he comes into the restaurant, she immediately locked in on him (as Caldwell suggested). The anger inside of her may have built up until she decided to use her power to act out against him by kicking him out.


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