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Dave Chappelle Attacked On Stage By Armed Stage-Rusher In Los Angeles

Dave Chapelled was attacked by a member of the audience who rushed the stage during a “Netflix Is A Joke” comedy tour show in Los Angeles. The specific venue the altercation happened was the Hollywood Bowl. It appeared to be a large venue packed to the brim, clearly sold out. Other comedians were there including Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx. It is not clear what provoked the man to rush the stage and attack Chappelle. The man was not able to attack and escape the same way Will Smith did at the Oscars. Security immediately rushed him and softened him up for the police to immediately take him into custody.


Comedian Dave Chappelle attacked on stage while performing at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles | Fox News

Alleged Dave Chappelle attacker Isaiah Lee booked for felony assault

Dave Chapelle attacker left with broken arm after tackling comedian with gun as Chris Rock jokes: ‘Was that Will Smith?’

Dave Chappelle attacked onstage by armed man while performing at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl – CBS News

Dave Chappelle attacked onstage during performance at Hollywood Bowl

Comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked onstage, video shows. A suspect is in custody, LAPD says | CNN

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