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Elon Musk Responds To MSNBC’s On-Air Hit Piece Against Him

Tesla CEO and presumptive owner of Twitter Elon Musk exposed the ridiculous and hypocritical nature of MSNBC with just two tweets. Actually. Musk exposed the majority of the mainstream media and not just that one alphabet letter organization. It all started when a clip of Mehdir Hasan’s MSNBC show made its way to social media. In said clip, Hasan attacked Elon Musk as a “petulant, not-so-bright billionaire” who has plans to hand Twitter over to the far right. Hasan defended the far-left by saying they just want things like free healthcare while the far-right essentially wants race-based chaos. Elon Musk had a few words to say about this.


Elon Musk Slams NBC, Defends GOP After MSNBC Anchor Calls Him ‘Petulant’

‘NBC basically saying Republicans are Nazis’: Elon Musk slams MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan | Daily Mail Online

Musk slams NBC after host says he’ll hand Twitter ‘to the far right’

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