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Day 2 Democratic National Convention (DNC) Recap: AOC Snubs Biden For Bernie?

Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) is officially a wrap. Joe Biden made a couple of brief live appearances but his wife, Jill Biden, was the headliner of the event. The DNC was again held virtually with Tracee Ellis Ross as the host instead of Eva Longoria who hosted the first day.

Donkey In The Room

AOC made a splash early on with a very confusing nomination for Bernie Sanders instead of Joe Biden. This confused many people because the purpose of the DNC is to for each state or territory’s delegates to announce their support for whoever won the Primary Election. AOC appeared to break from the aforementioned tradition and snub Joe Biden and support her far-leftist “comrade” Bernie Sanders, but that’s not quite what happened.

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The Democratic National Committee requested that AOC participate in “roll call” which is an old procedure in which each candidate who accumulates more than 300 delegates has their name read as a nominee, although they are not the actual nominee to become the Presidential nominee of the party. That explanation does not make much sense which is why so many people on both sides of the aisle were confused.

AOC did, however, snub Joe Biden in her own way. There is a precedent to express support for the actual nominee while participating in the ceremonial roll call. AOC did not speak about Joe Biden at all in her brief talk. She spoke about “progressive” policies that line up with herself and Bernie Sanders. While she can say that she did not snub Joe Biden, she sort of did snub him in her own way.

Miscalculated Decisions

“Confusing” is a great word to use for the rest of day two of the Democratic National Convention. Former President Bill Clinton was tapped to speak at the DNC which makes no sense at all, considering his past and ties with Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein died in a New York Federal detention center awaiting trial for sex crimes with underage girls.

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The “Lolita Express” was a private plane owned by Epstein on which he’d taken rich and powerful men to Little St. James island off the coast of the United States for the purposes of sex with young girls. A picture of Bill Clinton surfaced on the day of the DNC featuring an alleged Epstein rape victim massaging Clinton’s neck.

Allowing Bill Clinton to speak at the DNC was bad enough, but on top of that Bill Clinton attacked Trump for using the oval office “improperly.” Clinton had a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky and allegedly did “improper” things with her inside of the Oval Office. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Neocon Revival

The Democratic Party are attempting to paint Trump as a person that turns off lifelong conservatives. So they again trotted out current and/or former “conservatives” who say they’re voting for Biden including Colin Powell. Powell is a neocon no different than John Kerry, John Kasich, and John McCain, so trotting them out does nothing to convince anyone who’s on the fence between Biden and Trump.

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Jill? Biden’s Husband

Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife, was the headline speaker. She spoke in front of an empty classroom about garden variety pro-Joe things. Mrs. Biden appeared to be speaking during a live shot. At the end of her talk, Joe Biden came out and said a couple of words. It was surprising to see him live considering his propensity to bumble and stumble whenever a camera is shoved into his face. He appeared to make the blunder everyone feared he’d do which is when he said he’s “Jill Biden’s husband.” It sounded like he said “Joe Biden’s husband but, luckily for him, he did not.

More Cringe On The Way

Jill and Joe Biden had a prerecorded segment before the live talk. They spoke about the tragedy that struck Joe’s family back in 1972 where his first wife and young child died in a car accident. Sometime after that, Jill came into the picture. The story of how they met is conflicted by Jill Biden’s first husband who said he had known Joe and Jill left him for Joe. Again, confusing stuff at the DNC.

Overall, the DNC has been pretty sterile so far. No live audience and not many live shots. More speakers are slated to speak on Wednesday, August 19th including Barack Obama. Joe Biden speaks on Thursday, August 20th in what could be prerecorded or live. A live shot will be best because everyone knows that Joe in front of a live camera is like rolling the dice.


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