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Day 3 Democratic National Convention (DNC) Recap: Dry And Boring Speeches!

The third night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) featured a bunch of long speeches that focused on the views of the speaker and not so much on the Democratic Presidential Nominee – Joe Biden.  Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton were notable speakers on Thursday night. The best way to describe each speech is simply… boring.  The lack of an in-person audience at the DNC didn’t help. Television viewership for the 2020 DNC is down 48% from 2016.

Diversity In Appearance Only

The event was hosted by another celebrity and this time it was Kerry Washington. The previous two hosts were Eva Longoria and Tracee Ellis Ross. A theme for the hosts is quite clear – black women of color. Or, how the more “woke” of us say, they are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). With Washington and Ross both being black and Longoria being Hispanic which fits into the “indigenous” part of BIPOC. Expect that trend to continue on the final night of the DNC which is Thursday, August 20th, 2020.

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Let The Screeches Begin

Kamala Harris came out on the stage at a certain point during the event and waved at a wall of what can only be described as “zoom callers.” But once the tape is paused and each screen is examined, it’s clear that at least three of the screens were duplicated to fill up each of the 30 “zoom caller” slots available on the digital wall. No explanation has been offered up the by DNC as to why they did that or if the “callers” were even live on zoom at the time of the event.

Kamala’s speech was about 20 minutes and most of it consisted of her speaking about her parents, her upbringing, and general nebulous talking points. Nothing really concrete that anyone would care anything more about. An interesting point is when she said “I know a predator when I see one.” Considering the fact that Joe Biden has been accused of sexual improprieties by women, and Kamala Harris said she believed those women at one point, it’s interesting to see her as his VP pick.

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren both delivered their pre-recorded messages of about six minutes each and nothing new was said. The general theme throughout the entirety of the DNC, and not just Wednesday night, was “orange man bad.” All of the speakers spoke about how bad Donald Trump is and how great the Democratic Party’s ideals are, but not so much about Joe Biden. Out of the six minutes Hillary Clinton spoke, only 30 seconds of that was dedicated to speaking about Biden exclusively.

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When They Go Low, We Go Where?

Barack Obama was the DNC headliner with a speech that was not that much different than Hillary Clinton’s. Obama’s speech just had a little bit more narcissism about his legacy. Personal accolades and “orange man bad” was the theme of the former President’s speech. One particular part of his talk should infuriate the majority of the nation, especially people that have been personally affected by the riots.

Obama chided Trump for sending FBI agents on “peaceful protesters.” Anyone with a functioning brain and a pair of eyes that work understands that Obama’s comments are pure nonsense. The so-called “protesters” in places like Portland where Federal Agents have been sent are not peaceful. They are destructive and near-inhuman forces who are simply ruining the lives of random innocent people. This is no surprise for Obama to say considering he invited black lives matter to the White House when he was the President.

One More For The Bad Guys

Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention is in the books. There’s one more day and that’s Thursday, August 20th when Joe Biden speaks. It will be interesting to see if Biden is live or does a heavily coached-and-edited speech. The media will immediately shift their positive, glowing focus off of this steaming dumpster fire known as the “DNC” onto the Republican National Convention (RNC). They will be automatically less forgiving for any flaws and when no flaws exist, they will create them. Which, of course, is par for the course.

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