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Deadspin Accuses Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan Of Wearing Blackface

The very woke sports website known as “Deadspin” published an article in which they falsely accused a young Kansas City Chiefs football fan of wearing blackface. The fan, who appears to be white, was photographed in the crowd at a Chiefs road game at the Las Vegas Raiders. He had on a Chiefs jersey with a full Native headdress and face paint. Deadspin published a photo of the kid showing just one side of his face. The side they decided to show happened to feature black face paint. That was enough to accuse the kid, his parents, and the NFL of racism.

In reality, the boy had painted both sides of his face in different colors. One side was black, and the other side was red. This was an obvious attempt to match his outfit and the team colors which are red, yellow, and white with black accents. He wore a Kansas City Chiefs necklace featuring a black white and red logo charm with black white and red beads on the actual necklace. Fans dressing up this way is normal across all sports all over the nation and all over the world. However, woke “publications” like Deadspin can’t let the truth get in the way of the narrative they’d like to push forward.

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NFL must speak up against Chiefs fan in Black face, Native garb

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