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Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar Carjacked In DC Near Capitol

Democratic House Rep from Texas Henry Cuellar was recently carjacked at gunpoint just one mile from the US Capitol in Washington, DC. The suspects were three young black males who were armed at the time. Cuellar was not injured and all of his belongings were retrieved a short time later. Many other people in the DC area are not as fortunate as Cuellar to escape the situation injury-free. Nor are they so lucky to have their items retrieved. Carjackings in the District have more than doubled year-to-date. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says that three to four hundred police officers have left the force in the past couple of years. Much of this is due to pro-criminal and anti-police policies that people like Bowser have endorsed such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund The Police.”


Henry Cuellar carjacked by three armed attackers near Capitol | AP News

‘You gotta stay calm’: Rep. Henry Cuellar after carjacking | NewsNation Live – YouTube

The Recount on X: “Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) recalls being carjacked by armed people in D.C. last night, joking that “what really upset me is they stole my sushi”: “I want to thank the Capitol police and Metro police for doing their job, and that’s one of the reasons I support law enforcement.”” / X

Lorenzo Hall on X: “#NEW – Mayor Bowser on DC’s rising crime and 200+ homicides… She says DC needs more police officers. @WUSA9” / X

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