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Jamaal Bowman Walks Back “Nazi” Talking Point About Republicans After Fire Alarm Fiasco

Jamaal Bowman has officially walked back a negative characterization of Republicans issued by his office. Several key points were given to his colleagues so they would have ammunition during interviews defending Bowman over the fire alarm fiasco. One of the points was to reference Republicans as “Nazis” who should focus more on the issues within their own party. Bowman found out about the guidance his office issued and then issued his own statement, saying that he was not aware of the “Nazi” term being used and that he does not condone that for this circumstance.

The issue of Jamaal Bowman pulling a fire alarm before Congress voted on a stopgap measure to fund the Government is more serious than it may appear. Bowman is being investigated by police because it is possible that he committed a federal crime. “Obstruction of an official proceeding” is a federal offense and it is what many people involved with January 6th are in jail and/or prison for right now.

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